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As you know WIT Libraries Thesis Collection is housed in the Luke Wadding library.   The collection consists of all research and postgraduate dissertations submitted to WIT, and also includes a selection of undergraduate submissions.   Previously all postgraduate theses have been housed in the library’s thesis room and postgraduate theses shelved on the top floor of the library.

Research postgraduate theses continue to be held in the Thesis Room, adjacent to the Circulation Desk, but taught postgraduate and undergraduate theses have been relocated and are now shelved at the end of the entry level floor in the alcove to the right beside the open access computers.  Remember, theses are for library use only.


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Thesis By Group

Now you can access WIT Theses by specific group lists, e.g. PhD, MBS, MA, etc.These lists will be regularly updated to include new theses.

Check the catalogue for further updates.


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