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WIT Libraries are aware of a highly inappropriate page set up in relation to our users. We take cyber bullying and the use of inappropriate and offensive language extremely seriously. Consequently this page is under investigation and is being brought to the attention of local Gardai and Institute Authorities. Any student who is identified to have made inappropriate or offensive comments about fellow users of the library will be subject to disciplinary procedures.


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We are delighted to announce the availability of 44 new high-spec PCs as part of our upgrade programme of computer facilities within WIT Libraries. 

These PCs can be located in the Learning Centre on the entry level floor in Luke Wadding Library and can be accessed by logging on using your username and password.

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We are pleased to announce that the Luke Wadding Library is now a wireless zone. The internet may be accessed from laptops with a wireless network card.

What do I need?

A laptop or PDA

What to do?

Open up your Internet browser. Users will then be asked to log in, and should use their Novell username and password. The system will start to download a Cisco Clean Access Client onto your laptop. You will be asked if you wish to contine. Click OK for this.

What next?

When the client is installed it will check to see that their virus scanner is up-to-date, and that all windows updates are recent. If they are, you will be allowed onto the network; if not you will be granted temporary access and redirected to their virus scanner website for updates. This needs to be done only once.

Where can I get access?

There are posters around the library indicating the wireless hotspots.
These broadly cover:

  • Basement Level

  • Entry Level Floor

  • Staff reading Room

It is planned to install additional wireless points in the Summer 2007.

Library Databases

Access to the library databases will not change. Once on the college network, you should be able to access the databases directly. If a password is normally required, you will still need this password. If you are having difficulty accessing any of the library databases, please call to the Information Desk.


This service has been supplied by Computer Services. If you are having difficulties, please go directly to Computer Services in the Walton Building.

Wireless Access is available to all registered students and staff of the Institute.

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